The HVLS (high volume low speed) ceiling fans on offer from Refresh Fans have many advantages, but they are not the only option! A directional fan can also be of great use, as this type of two-way fan can be mounted on the ceiling, placed on the floor, or hung from their heavy-duty straps and angled in any direction.

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  • Control the airflow
  • Applicable for both summers and winters
  • Maintain comfortable temperature indoors
  • Reduce heating costs
  • Reduce cooling costs
  • Workers, clients, and customers are comfortable and happy
  • Flexible and Easy to Adjust
  • Quiet Belt Drive
  • Cost-Efficient
  • Warranty
  • Motors:1 year Warranty
  • Industrial Unit: 5 Years Warranty
  • Year-round Application
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Design and Construction

Today, regular high-velocity ceiling fans spinning in residential, commercial, and industrial spaces are a common sight, but they are not necessarily the types of 2-way fans that will last. The Directional fans from Refresh are designed for more than air movement, they are heavy-duty products designed to last in any conditions.

  • High-velocity cooling
  • Massive airflow capacity
  • Flexible, easily adjustable hanging system
  • Achieve nearly any angle
  • Conically shaped airflow
  • Wide indoor air distribution
  • Quiet belt drive
  • Super tough construction
  • Protective motor enclosure
  • 15’ power cord with a 3 prong plug
  • Compatible with 110V or 220V electrical systems
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Features and Benefits


From their powerful motors to their specialized blade design, every aspect of these directional fans works in unison to displace massive amounts of air. Our directional fans have some of the best CFM (cubic feet per minute) levels in the industry.


Thanks to belt-driven drivelines and grooved blades made of polished stainless steel, our products are extremely quiet, cooling you down without driving you crazy.


Specifically designed for belt-drive fans, our powerful, high-velocity directional fan motors are totally enclosed to provide years of service in virtually any condition. They come standard-wired for 120-volt systems, but they can be wired for 220 volts upon customer request.


Every component in our products is either powder-coated or plated with either zinc or stainless steel to resist corrosion. This fan provides cooling that lasts, no matter how large the space or the customer’s requirements.


Installing these directional fans is easy thanks to their Quad-Strap Hanging System. This easily adjustable system has the durability to last for years. The straps will not corrode, break or transfer vibrations, even in the most challenging conditions.


The polished blades and powder-coated, glossy frames are excellent resources, and will provide a high-speed airflow while also looking cool for years to come, in any setting.

Super Duty Fans

They deliver huge airflow at low noise levels. The robust motor, massive drive pulley, unique blade design, and specialized shroud enclosure work in unison to provide unmatched performance. Small enough to fit in tight spaces but powerful enough for large areas, they are the new standard for industrial fans!

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If you’re interested in the added benefits a directional fan can bring to your facility, make sure to check out the resources we have in stock. Call us, or get in touch using the link below!



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