What is an Air Curtain?

An air curtain, also known as an air door, creates a uniform barrier of directed air across openings, like doors, to create an invisible separation between two spaces, which prevents the transfer of heat and particulate matter from one space to another. 

Air curtains help protect indoor environments by inhibiting the entry of debris, contaminants and pests like dust, dirt, odors, smoke, fumes or flying insects. Air curtains for doors help reduce the strain on HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) systems and make it possible to have greater control over indoor environmental conditions.

How Do Air Curtains Work?

In order to create a barrier between two distinct environments, air curtains project a consistent flow of air across the width of an opening. This steady flow of air serves as a highly effective barricade that has important applications in a variety of industries.

They are preferable to the use of ineffective plastic strips as they are more energy-efficient, sanitary, cost-efficient, and highly effective in retaining cooler and freezer temperatures. Air curtains for doors also eliminate the need to constantly replace shredding, ripped and dirty plastic strips. 

Features and Benefits

  • Energy Savings – The use of air curtains leads to reductions in energy usage and operating costs in many kinds of buildings by reducing the amount of energy required to maintain a difference in temperatures between two spaces. The level of energy saved will vary depending on a number of factors related to a building’s configuration and heating/cooling needs. 
  • Improved Air Quality – The stream of air created by an air curtain effectively prevents the entry of dirt, dust and particulates, which improves the air quality within a building.
  • Increased Building Performance – Specialized facilities, like food production environments and high-tech manufacturing plants, can invest a lot of effort to achieve specific environmental conditions. The use of air curtains provides greater temperature and air quality control than traditional HVAC systems alone.
  • Enhanced Safety – Especially for cold storage applications, an air curtain allows for far greater workplace safety than the heavy plastic coverings traditionally used to seal off freezer areas by reducing the accidents that result from reduced visibility and slippery surfaces.
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Applications for Many Industries

Air curtains have widespread applications, across many industries, including:

Retail Commerce & Services

Any business that serves the public prefers to have an open door to reduce the physical barriers to entry for customers. The use of an air curtain provides this inviting look while keeping indoor spaces protected from dirt and dust. The growth in demand for air curtains has been driven by retailers, banks, and other service providers in recent years.


Industrial spaces often have large doors for shipping and receiving raw materials and finished products. These openings present serious challenges for climate control and cleanliness. A properly fitted air curtain is perfect for these situations because they effectively protect the internal, working environment from the outdoor conditions and reduce the presence of dirt, dust and other particulates.

Cold Storage

The large temperature disparity between adjacent areas in cold storage facilities creates a number of issues. Not only are they expensive to maintain, but the condensation that results when warm and cool air meet can cause condensation, water buildup and slippery surfaces. Using air curtains instead of plastic barriers at the entry and exit points to refrigerated areas reduces energy requirements, limits temperature fluctuations, protects products, increases visibility and promotes workplace safety.

Precision Manufacturing

Precision manufacturers, along with any facility that has clean rooms, have exacting sanitation standards that must be respected. In these facilities, an air curtain door can greatly reduce the presence of microscopic pollutants and particulates in controlled areas to make a great addition to existing air filtration systems.

Shipping and Transportation

Any space that sees a large flow of vehicles, people, and goods in or out will inevitably get filled with dust, debris and exhaust fumes. Warehouses, distribution centers and courier companies all contend with these issues on a daily basis, but the installation of air doors, both within the facility and on doors to the outside, can go a long way to improve air quality and reduce contamination.

HEPAC unit

Air Curtain Models

Developed for industry-specific demands, you are sure to find the right fit for your business in this wide range of products.

Mars Clean Air Series

Especially important in the age of COVID-19, the Mars Clean Air Series provides superior sanitation and features the latest in air purification technology. A powerful Mars HEPA filter captures 99.97% of microscopic pollutants and particulates (as small as 0.3 microns), a level of sanitation previously not available from a major provider. In addition, the Mars UVC has scientifically proven germicidal capabilities that eliminates 99.99%-100% of pathogens through the use of specialized bulbs, all while reducing odors from volatile organic chemicals (VOCs).

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Standard 2 Series

This hybrid model is popular for its energy-saving applications. Featuring a ½ horsepower motor, it is suitable for customer-facing applications as well as industrial use. The standard color is Obsidian Black, and heated options are available.

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Sanitation 2 Series

Ideal for food service applications, this series features a sleek design. With motors ranging from ⅙ horsepower up to 1 horsepower, the Sanitation 2 Series works for heights from 7 to 12 feet.

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QuietPro Series

This series reduces noise output thanks to an internal dampening design and anti-vibration technology. The eye-catching elliptical shape and anodized aluminum finish looks great in any setting. 

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Phantom Series

The perfect option when you want an air curtain to blend in with the building’s aesthetics, the recess-mounted design facilitates a discreet installation. 

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High Velocity 2 Series

With the strength for industrial applications, the 1 horsepower motor works for heights of up to 14 feet. 

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Extra Power 2 Series

Made for mounting heights of up to 16 feet, this series has enough power to handle major wind loads.

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