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If you own any type of commercial business, having a strong, efficient, well-functioning commercial fan is a must. Providing fresh ventilation to your potential customers is one of the most fundamental elements underpinning a business’ success, and this remains true across a variety of commercial operations. Installing a high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fan also provides the added benefit of lowering your company’s energy costs.
So no matter what kind of commercial operation you own – whether it be a shop, a food court, a theater, a gym, or even a shopping center – make sure you’re up to date on the benefits your business can enjoy by investing in one of Refresh Fans‘ high-quality commercial fans today.

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Refresh Fans are able to enhance business for commercial operations by constructively controlling air circulation and sustaining an ideal room temperature. With increased and more widespread airflow, you’ll both improve worker productivity and make customers more comfortable at the same time. A happy customer is more likely to stay, shop and spend.

Having ceiling or wall mounted fans in your store or commercial building also results in higher energy savings. Instead of paying for expensive air conditioning during the summer, our industrial fans for commercial use will spread a gentle breeze and lower the temperature in a more energy-efficient way.

This energy efficiency is not limited to warmer seasons or climates either. During the winter, HVLS commercial ceiling fans can preserve a building’s heat and save you money. The way the fans do this is by destratifying the heat, which is a process in which the hot air near the ceiling is evenly redistributed throughout the building. In this manner, businesses can avoid needing to pay unnecessary electrical costs associated with running large, industrial heaters.

The bottom line is that installing one of Refresh Fans’ HVLS products will save you money. What business can afford to turn down free money linked to energy cost savings? If you feel your commercial location could be enhanced by a comfortable customer and lower energy costs, call us today to discuss how we can help! We’re always available and ready to chat about what sort of fan setup is best for your store or building.

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By incorporating the use of a commercial HVLS fan into your overall HVAC system strategy, commercial property owners can realize significant energy savings, make their customers more comfortable, all while doing their part by being responsible stewards of the environment. Be a part of the growing sustainability movement, and find out how a large diameter HVLS commercial fan can make the difference you need to help elevate your business.

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It’s a fact: large spaces need large amounts of energy. They need lots of heat to stay comfortable in the winter, and plenty of cool air in the summer. Without them, employees are less productive, customers are less comfortable, and business suffers.

Commercial spaces, like industrial ones, often rely on expensive heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems systems to maintain consistent temperatures. But there is a way you can help reduce your costs and increase your profits. While installing an HVLS fan in your establishment won’t necessarily eliminate the need for an HVAC system, it will significantly reduce some of their associated costs.

Traditionally, HVAC systems operate in a brute force manner, an unsustainable and inefficient way to heat or cool your building. The positive effects of one of our high volume, low speed fans will be immediately apparent once they are installed, and are an excellent way to supplement the efficiency of any HVAC system by lightening the overall load.

Productivity and Equipment: Studies show that productivity drops for every degree increase in temperature above a certain level Fahrenheit. By maintaining a consistent temperature and regulating the humidity at your business, you’ll not only keep your workers happy, it will help preserve and expand the lifespan of many of the products you keep stored in your building.

Environmentally Friendly: Using an HVLS fan, you’ll use less energy to keep a consistent temperature in your building, and eliminate the need to buy unnecessary electricity, which is often produced in ways that are not necessarily environmentally friendly. Why not do your part to safeguard our environment and save money at the same time?