Why choose Refresh Fans?

See 11 compelling reasons below

Refresh Fans Competitive Advantages 2020 Img min

Efficient. Effective. Essential.

  1.  Five (5) airfoil design perfects the delicate balance between surface area, speed, and angle of attack for maximum motor efficiency and longevity.
  2. Up to 43% less Horsepower/KW consumed than our competition.
  3. Modbus control options for easy building automation integration.
  4. Intelligent design to maximize airflow while minimizing energy consumption.
  5. Quieter than our competition.
  6. Redundant safety features (Hub retainer clips, Airfoil Retainers, Safety Cables, Machine fused hub connection).
  1. No additional VFD to mount. Completely integrated controls.
  2. No Gearbox or Oil bath to maintain.
  3. Standard IP65 rated motor for use in most environments. Can spray with water jets for cleaning.
  4. Lower Amp & Watt consumption than our competition, lower cost of ownership and longer life.
  5. 100% Italian engineering and Manufacturing specifically for our North American market.

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