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Having superior air quality is one of the most important elements in any indoor space, and this is especially true in the agricultural sector. In fact, high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fans were originally developed for use in the agricultural industry, as air effective circulation was found to vastly improve the production yields of both crops and livestock, as well as keeping dry products stored safely.

Refresh Fans is well known for designing and manufacturing the highest-quality farmhouse ceiling fans, so whether you have a barn full of cows to keep healthy, rows of vegetables and plants to grow effectively, or tonnes of previously harvested grains or other agricultural products to store, Refresh Fans has the solution for you. Not only will the installation of our agricultural fans keep your business healthy, their superior air circulation will also save you money on energy costs!

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Whether you are using circulation fans to help your crops grow or a barn exhaust fan to keep your animals as healthy as possible, incorporating one of Refresh Fans’ agricultural fans will do more than save you money on energy costs, it will help you contribute to global environmental sustainability. Find out how much of a different one of our HLVS agricultural fans can make for your business (and the planet) today by using the calculator below.

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How Do HVLS Fans Benefit Livestock?

While indoor spaces can benefit in several ways from proper ventilation, livestock living in barns experience a different type of advantage, mostly due to the unique characteristics of the livestock themselves and the nature of the buildings they are housed in.

Horses, for example, require dry and draft-free conditions year-round. Having an HVLS fan will help accomplish that through different seasons by maintaining a moderate temperature and promoting healthy air flow. In the winter your animals will benefit from having the heat circulated evenly, and in the summer a barn fan, sometimes known as an outdoor fan, will help alleviate heat stress on your animals. This is as true for horses as it is for chickens or cows.

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Speaking of cows, these large animals – ones that produce enormous amounts of odours and harmful gasses every day- need to be protected from the potential negative ramifications of living together, tightly packed into a small space. From this perspective, agricultural fans become useful primarily because of their use as exhaust fans, helping to keep humidity in check while removing harmful particles and pathogens from the air.

And let’s not forget that dairy farming can get messy! Our EQ range of HVLS fans are equipped with an IP65-rated motor and anodized aluminum blades, which means you can spray them clean without worrying about damaging them. In other words, with Refresh Fans, it’s okay if the sh*t hits the fan.

Finally, by installing the proper ventilation in your livestock barns, there is a high change that you’ll be able to see better yields, whether you’re producing eggs, milk, beef, or other products. A healthy and more comfortable animal is always a more productive animal.

By installing barn fans, Canada’s farmers can prioritize the respiratory health and safety of not only the animals, but of the human workers that tend to them over the course of the year. If you own a business that involves livestock (and especially cattle), ensuring an optimum air quality is an extremely important part of maintaining your business’ profitability.

What is Proper Ventilation for Stored Crops?

Equipping your agricultural storage space with an HVLS outdoor ceiling fan, along with promoting healthy indoor air flow, will help you achieve an ideal crop storage environment. Having a large-diameter outdoor ceiling fan is by far a better solution that simply plugging in multiple Gibbons fans, which often sit on the floor and circulate air in less efficient ways.

A new ventilation system with a properly optimized grain fan will help move large volumes of air slowly, and without harsh breezes. They also help manage the humidity in the air, which can easily negatively affect dried goods. To ensure the long-term viability of your business, and to protect the hard work you’ve done all year, it is imperative that your storage areas have proper exhaust and circulation, just as it is with livestock and crops.

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Higher Production Yields and Energy Savings

Our range of HVLS fans helps improve yields, from cows to poultry to cannabis and beyond. By lowering the heat stress of your animals and providing them with the healthiest possible air to breathe, our HVLS circulation fans will provide high performance, and give you an even higher yield at the end of the season. And our products will not only keep your animals comfortable, cool and healthy, they save you on energy costs as well.

By circulating hot air in the winter and providing a steady breeze in the summer, our high performance fans will help maximize your bottom line by lowering your electricity costs, reducing your need to rely completely on an external HVAC system to heat or cool your spaces.

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