With its high-performance fan system designed for maximum lifetime and efficiency, EQ SIMPLE embodies the leading line of air circulation technology. This advanced solution maximizes airflow dynamics and structural integrity by fusing premium-grade materials with intricate engineering concepts, and it is specifically made for commercial and industrial situations.

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Optimized motor configurations and precisely tailored blade profiles are used in the system’s design to maximize aerodynamic efficiency and minimize energy consumption. This results in superior air displacement rates. High-tensile polymers and corrosion-resistant alloys are incorporated into the sturdy structure to ensure long-term operation in harsh environmental conditions.

The flexible application range of EQ SIMPLE covers a wide range of industrial and commercial environments, offering dependable and steady air circulation to satisfy demanding operational needs. The system provides a comprehensive solution for air management demands thanks to its modular architecture, making scaling and smooth interaction with the current HVAC infrastructure possible.

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Category Specification Details
Motor Brushless Motor Hub High-Efficiency Design
Minimal Maintenance Requirements
Electrical Voltage Range 200-480Vac/3ph/50-60Hz
Environmental Protection IP Rating IP 65
Safety Safety Cable Included
Airfoils Diameter 10-24 Feet
Material Anodized Aluminium
Properties Robust
Control System Type Standard Control LED Indicator
Installation Kit Standard Installation Kit
Mount I-Beam Mount
Downrod Length 32" (Standard)
Certification Type ETL Certified
Manufacturing Origin Italy


  • Superior Structural Integrity: Constructed with the highest calibre materials and components, this structure offers maximum resilience even in the most taxing operating environments.
  • Improved Energy Optimization: By utilizing modern brushless motor technology, low power consumption is made possible while retaining optimal operating efficiency.
  • Simplified Deployment: All necessary components are included in the installation package, which makes deployment quick and easy.
  • Operational Reliability: Consistent performance and respect to safety rules are ensured by compliance with IP65 ingress protection standards and ETL certification methods.
  • Refined Aesthetic Features: The installation of expertly made anodized aluminium airfoils adds to a modern visual profile and improves the overall aesthetics of the installation area.


Upgrade your airflow system with EQ SIMPLE, the ideal combination of efficiency, longevity, and design. With our superior fan system, you can guarantee a relaxing and productive environment. Get yours now to see the difference for yourself!

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