How HVLS Fans are Positively Changing the Automotive Industry

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Automotive industries and plants are often set up in large open spaces. They comprise heavy machinery, lots of moving parts, and lots of human movement on the plant floor. This makes air circulation in the automotive industry critical and of high concern for management. The workplace also has unhealthy fume and smoke circulation making it hazardous if there is no proper ventilation or air circulation. The Automotive Industry is the backbone of the economy and it is critical to keep it functioning effectively.  To do that, they must minimize costs and boost energy savings. There are many methods through which optimal conditions can be maintained but nothing works as effectively as HVLS fans, be it in terms of performance or cost savings. 

Refresh Fans has been providing HVLS fans to automotive industries and plants across Canada. The Automotive industry can greatly benefit from the installation of such high-volume low-speed (HVLS) fans in their facilities. Read on to know more!

Why Air Flow Matters in the Automotive Industry

The nature and characteristics of automotive shops and plants are such that it requires consistent airflow. Automotive shops have the following characteristics:

  • Constantly opening garage doors that disrupt the temperature and airflow within the facility
  • Fumes being ejected by the cars as well as the functioning manufacturing equipment
  • High energy consumption due to machinery, tools, lights, etc. 
  • High concentration of people performing various operations and tasks on the floor

The floor can get very stuffy and claustrophobic which is why good ventilation and airflow are a must in automotive industries.

How HVLS Fans are Positively Helping the Automotive Industries


Heat and fumes being constantly ejected from the automotive machinery can be very dangerous for the workforce. HVAC installations partially help but they are not effective at circulating the air throughout the facility. They tend to “dump” the air close to the vents instead. 

By installing an HVLS fan, you can circulate air through an area of approximately 20,000 square feet. The air circulates through a large area at a slower speed allowing fresh, clean air to circulate through the facility. The airflow helps push the harmful chemicals and fumes towards the vent and exhaust fans keeping the air quality intact. Maintaining ventilation in the facility promotes good health, reduces chances of sickness in the workforce, and increases overall productivity by reducing sick days. 


It is very important for automotive industries to find cost-effective solutions to providing clean, fresh air and ventilation as there are a lot of factors that increase energy consumption. With the sheer number of machinery being operated to the constant opening of bay doors, energy consumption in such plants can shoot up tremendously. Opting for HVLS fans can greatly promote a good working environment and provide a cost-effective solution to plant owners. 

It is always better to install the HVLS fans rather than face legal claims and medical expense claims from workers due to poor working conditions. HVLS fans help reduce operational costs as they move air at a slower pace and consume less energy compared to HVAC systems. They can help reduce energy bills by providing effective cooling solutions. 

As HVLS fans are installed on ceilings, they do not have any visible chords that might pose a threat or danger to the workforce. There are lower chances of slips and trips keeping the workforce safe. This too helps reduce costs by improving the overall safety of the workplace. Keeping in mind all the benefits HVLS fans provide, the Return on Investment for HVLS fans greatly increases. There is long-term ease of operating these fans and you can enjoy their performance for years to come. 

Temperature Control

Employee satisfaction is greatly affected by the temperature and overall working conditions of the plant according to studies. Satisfied employees are less likely to call in sick or skip work and will show improved productivity. Keeping employees safe from heat-related issues that affect health and morale becomes key to running a successful automotive plant. 

Refresh Fans: Perfect for Automotive Industries

Unlike regular fans, HVLS fans help control the temperature by taking into account the humidity, actual temperature, and airflow of the plant into account. They come with automatic temperature detection and can help provide an optimal temperature by moving the air efficiently throughout the plant rather than directing it to a specific location. 

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