Reasons You Should Install HVLS Fans in Your Facility

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hvls fans

High-volume low-speed fans, colloquially referred to as HVLS fans, refer to a specific type of ceiling fans that are becoming increasingly popular in commercial, agricultural and industrial establishments due to their high performance and energy efficiency.

Read on to find out about the key benefits of HVLS fans and how installing HVLS fans from reputed manufactures like Refresh Fans can benefit your commercial facility in the long run.

Benefits of Installing HVLS Fans

Positively impacts employee productivity

Studies indicate that there is a direct correlation between employee productivity and indoor working environments. Higher temperatures hamper employee efficiency. HVLS fans work on the principle of pushing high-volume columns of air from the general vicinity of the ceiling towards the floor of the establishment. These cooler airstreams displace the incumbent, stagnant and humid airstreams, thereby bringing down the effective temperature by upto 10 °F! Indoor working environments especially during summers can be unpleasant and uncomfortable which can adversely affect your employees’ productivity and consequently, your company’s bottom line.


HVLS fans are energy-efficient and consume power judiciously; thereby making your facility’s entire operations cost-efficient and also helping you save big on your power bills! Usually, HVLS fans possess motors that operate on 0.75-2.3 HP but due to the sheer size of its blades, one HVLS fan can replace several small, conventional ceiling or table fans! In fact, you can save up further by opting for a Refresh Fans HVLS fan, as compared to some other North American brands, Refresh Fans’ products consume up to 43% less Horsepower!

Equally effective in winters!

In addition to ensuring a cool and pleasant environment within your establishment during summers, HVLS fans can also play a crucial role in creating a more habitable environment indoors in winters. During winters, your HVAC system introduces heat into your firm’s internal environment.

This paves the path for the occurrence of a phenomenon called ‘thermal stratification’ whereby layers of air, called ‘strata’ are formed, differing on the basis of temperature. The warmest layer of air gets trapped in the region immediately below your ceiling. HVLS fans work in reverse in winters and combine stratified layers of air to suffuse a more even temperature throughout the room or floor. This phenomenon is referred to as ‘destratification’.

Versatile in their application!

HVLS fans can also be used to maintain an optimal temperature in the warehouses storing fast-moving consumer goods. Additionally, HVLS fans’ application is not just restricted to indoor spaces as these fans can also be used in outdoor settings, such as agricultural fields, in a bid to keep insects and pests at bay. They can also be used in restaurants to provide a fresh environment perfect for enjoying food with friends and loved ones!

Low maintenance costs & high durability

HVLS fans can be maintained manually by observing a few simple practices such as regularly checking & cleaning their airfoils. Generally speaking, HVLS fans incur significantly fewer maintenance costs over an extended period of time. This in turn ensures that your operating and ownership costs remain extremely reasonable. In addition to this, Refresh Fans’ products offer an additional degree of convenience to our customers as they no longer need to worry about maintaining an oil box or gearbox.

Quieter than conventional fans

Conventional ceiling or table fans can cause a significant amount of din at your workplace which can disrupt your employees’ concentration and have an adverse impact on their output. An understated benefit of HVLS fans is that these fans produce a minimal amount of noise and thereby facilitate improved concentration levels amongst your employees. It is interesting to note that Refresh Fans’ HVLS fans are considerably quieter than most of the products in the domestic markets.

Offers unmatched convenience

Latest HVLS fans, including some of the most popular offerings here at Refresh Fans, offer completely integrated fan controls that eliminate the hassle of installing and mounting an external VFD.

Prolong the life of other properties

An oft-ignored aspect about HVLS fans is that these fans drastically reduce the humidity within the internal environment of an industry or commercial facility, by taking away most of its moisture. This in turn extends the life of other expensive, metal-based machinery by delaying the onset and effect of detrimental phenomena such as corrosion and rust-buildup.

Refresh Fans – Your Choice for Energy Efficient Fans

The benefits of HVLS fans are plentiful, and installing high-quality products, such as the ones manufactured here at Refresh Fans, can furnish your commercial or industrial facilities with conducive conditions for sustainable progress and growth.

Refresh Fans are superior to other HVLS fan manufacturers in the following ways:

  1. Five airfoil design perfects the delicate balance between surface area, speed, and angle of attack for maximum motor efficiency and longevity.
  2. Refresh Fans are quieter than other HVLS fans in the market with a 55 DBA sound production whereas our competitors generate up to 63 DBA of sound
  3. We spread air to a diameter of 234 feet whereas our competitors go up to 230 feet.
  4. Lower Amp & Watt consumption than our competition, lower cost of ownership, and longer life.
  5. No additional VFD to mount with completely integrated controls.

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