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CASE STUDY: SLEEGERS Engineered Products Inc.

London, Ontario, CANADA

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“Based on the competition, Refresh Fans provided the greatest quality at the best value. Our employees are much cooler and comfortable which makes us very happy”

Ted Archer,
Operations Engineering Leader

Sleegers fan
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Sleegers was looking to solve an important issue while staying within a budget. As a busy manufacturing facility, it was imperative to find a sufficient way to keep their employees from overheating as machinery in large facilities can create sweltering conditions. Air conditioning is an expensive and unrealistic alternative to keep the working environments safe. Even more important was the need to find a product that was priced competitively and within their budget.

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The Solution

Sleegers purchased three EQ20 fans to install in their warehouse facility. The immediate impact on employee satisfaction was evident and resulted in improved productivity as the employees had a healthy and comfortable working environment. Additionally, the fans efficiency over time will reduce heating costs during the cold months through the destratification process (see below). When you combine these savings with Refresh Fans competitive pricing on all products, it’s a win-win situation.
Destratification is the process whereby a fan is circulating air from the ceiling to floor level, reducing the temperature difference between the highest and lowest points and creating an even temperature distribution.


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