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Hamilton, Ontario, CANADA

Success Stories From Our Biggest Fans

“Refresh Fans provided an easy solution to keep our cows cool, happy and productive.”

Philip Watson,

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Watson Land & Livestock were faced with two major hurdles. As a brand new dairy barn, they needed to find a solution to keep their livestock from overheating, as well, the barn needed a design plan focused on creating an optimal fan layout. The ultimate goal was to stop the animals from crowding together in the same space under the fans. Even in Canada, it gets very hot and humid in summertime. Air conditioning an outdoor space of this size is not an option.

Watson solution
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The Solution

We installed 14 of our EQ20 Fans and customized the layout of the fans for maximum cooling and air circulation. Refresh Fans helped reduce overall operating costs and are much better alternative then large directional units.

Dairy barns require widespread airflow. Every degree of increase in temperature over 90 degrees Fahrenheit causes a comparable drop in employee productivity. When it comes to domesticated animals or harvested products, the effect is even more drastic.

“The placement of the fans has been key to reducing energy costs and increasing our overall efficiency managing the livestock.”

Philip Watson, Owner


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