HVLS Fans Can Benefit Your Retail Business – Find Out How!

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hvls fans benefits

HVLS fans are a relatively new technology invented in the late 1990s, yet they’re already changing internal climate management in huge buildings. From their modest beginnings as barn fans, HVLS fans are now extensively adopted by practically every sector that uses huge buildings for efficiency, cost savings, and better performance.
Even though HVLS fans are commonly referred to as industrial fans, they are not restricted to warehouse and factories. A growing number of brick-and-mortar businesses realize the benefits of HVLS fans in their small businesses. Let’s look at how and why HVLS fans benefit retail spaces.

What Are HVLS Fans?

High volume, low speed is abbreviated as HVLS. HVLS fans are meant to move substantial quantities of air slowly and steadily through an ample space, instead of standard fans that spin at high speed and create a concentrated air stream. In three ways, this serves to enhance air quality and manage temperatures:

  • It uniformly distributes air around the room, allowing for more efficient and effective temperature control
  • It uses evaporative cooling to make heated air seem cooler by almost 10°F
  • It ventilates the entire room effectively and efficiently

HVLS Fans Can Benefit Your Retail Business

HVLS (high-volume, low-speed) fans provide a lot of advantages, which you’ll see in your bottom line and your employee’s emotions. We’ll even go so far as to claim that purchasing Refresh Fans is one of the best business decisions you can make. It has the potential to revolutionize and transform your perception of the value of retail space.

Reduced Utility Bills

HVLS Fans are far less expensive to run than standard high-speed fans, allowing you to save money on air conditioning. Refresh Fans may also be used in reverse to save money in the winter. They can also be utilized or linked with your building performance system to save even more money throughout the year.

Keeps Customer Comfortable

To entice a consumer to stay and browse, retail shops must be welcoming. According to research, there is a link between chilly air and establishments that offer a luxury brand. Whether you want to keep your room cold or warm, HVLS fans will give you more control over the temperature without requiring you to turn up the heat or air conditioning.

Excellent Aesthetic

When you think of a pleasant design accent for your retail store, a ceiling fan might not be the first thing that springs to mind. HVLS enthusiasts, on the other hand, are a unique breed. HVLS ceiling fans have fewer blades than traditional fans, giving them a sleeker, more contemporary appearance to match your existing decor.

Improved Comfort And Productivity

Running an HVLS fan throughout your retail area keeps the air fresh, clean, and healthy while maintaining a pleasant temperature. According to several studies, more comfortable working environments lead to more productive employees, and experts believe that better comfort would also raise retail sales. Improved comfort also means higher footfall as customers feel good while browsing through your store especially if they’ve entered from a hot or humid external environment.

Temperatures are Consistent

Air has a propensity to separate into layers. In other words, it divides into various heat layers, with the hottest air rising to the top and the cooler air falling below. It is one of the main reasons typical HVAC systems have a hard time reaching the ground. HVLS fans de-stratify the air, mixing the various layers and bringing temperatures back into balance.

Why Refresh Fans For HVLS Fans?

If you need a cost-effective solution for comfort and ventilation in your retail store, restaurant, showroom, or mall, a large HVLS fan might be the answer. So why not give one a try with the energy savings and performance-enhancing comfort that HVLS fans provide?
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