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Understanding the Importance of Air Circulation and HVLS Fans in Industries

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Importance of Air Circulation and HVLS Fans in Industries

Research indicates that extreme temperatures can adversely affect the overall productivity at your workplace. Several studies suggest that colder temperatures can make your employees more error-prone, and warmer temperatures have a similar, debilitating effect on your employees’ efficiency. For example, every 1-degree rise in temperature above 77°F could lower employees’ productivity by 2%!

Moreover, maintaining a steady, consistent temperature in industrial, manufacturing, and warehousing facilities is a particularly tricky task as conventional HVAC systems aren’t adept at efficiently mixing air streams. These systems also struggle to diffuse large volumes of air throughout vast and spacious industrial facilities. Additionally, installing and operating traditional ceiling fans to regulate temperature can be prohibitively expensive in the short term, as it can tie up a lot of your working capital. This option can also adversely impact your business in the long run; through eye-watering power bills and steep maintenance costs. The solution? HVLS fans.

High Volume, Low-Speed Fans, or HVLS fans, are mechanical ceiling fans that have become ubiquitous in most modern industrial facilities because of their exceptional operational coverage area and affordability. Furthermore, HVLS fans complement your existing HVAC system and improve indoor air quality at your industrial facility by enhancing and optimizing air circulation and ventilation.
Read on to find out why equipping your industrial facility with HVLS fans is a wise and prudent choice:

Reduces exposure to health hazards & air contaminants

HVLS fans employ their large blades to direct large air volumes towards the ceiling from the ground. By constantly pushing large air columns into your facility’s indoor environment, HVLS fans also consistently replace and replenish the indoor air at your facility, thereby minimizing your employees’ exposure to harmful viruses and contaminants. Furthermore, with their greater operational range, HVLS fans ensure that fresh air permeates throughout your industrial manufacturing or warehousing facility, thus creating and sustaining a uniform indoor environment for you and your employees.

Enhances working conditions & employee satisfaction

HVLS fans are exceptionally proficient at establishing and maintaining pleasant, conducive indoor environments by regulating the indoor temperature of manufacturing facilities. They offer dual-functionality and can be equally effective throughout the year. In winters, they prevent warmer, lighter layers of air from getting accumulated and trapped near the ceiling by pulling them in and pushing them towards the floor, creating relatively pleasant indoor working conditions and ensuring that your employees’ productivity isn’t jeopardized by the harsh and unforgiving external climatic conditions. SimilarlyHVLS fans prevent the indoor environment from becoming oppressive and debilitating in summer through the steady and perpetual introduction of cooled-down air streams into your industrial facility. Multiple studies suggest that while HVLS fans cannot lower the actual temperature of a place, they can bring down the perceived temperature by 10°F!

Reduces risk of condensation

Condensation is a significant problem that all manufacturing or warehousing facilities frequently contend with. However, if it’s not dealt with proactively and effectively, it can result in the loss of machinery, raw materials, and inventory, amounting to thousands of dollars! Condensation occurs when there are significant temperature swings in a relatively short period, a phenomenon most widely seen in spring and fall. In addition to the water directly affecting your facility’s costly equipment and stock, condensation can also result in the formation, growth, and spread of fungus and mold spores resulting in significant infrastructural damage and health complications for your employees. HVLS fans minimize your inventory or machinery’s exposure to condensation by reducing the amount of moisture in the indoor air within your industrial facility’s premises.

Energy-efficient & long-term savings!

HVLS fans are also energy-efficient and can reduce your total energy expenditure by nearly 30%! HVLS fans effectively lower the perceived temperature in summer and reduce the burden on your facility’s pre-existing HVAC system. In winter, HVLS fans prevent cold, damp airstreams from settling within your facility by continuously recirculating these layers of air, thereby preventing your heating systems from working overtime to regulate indoor temperature and airflow. Thus HVLS fans can lower your total energy consumption too!
Also, HVLS fans generally incur significantly fewer maintenance charges than the conventional ceiling or table fans as these heavy-duty, industrial fans are designed for consistent, long-term usage. Furthermore, opting for a reputed and reliable HVLS fan manufacturer such as Refresh Fans also lets you enjoy long-term warranties!

Achieve exceptional air ventilation & circulation with Refresh Fans’ HVLS fans!

In conclusion, there are a lot of quantifiable and non-quantifiable advantages of opting for HVLS fans, ranging from practical health benefits to long-term cost-effectiveness.
Over the last few years, we at Refresh Fans have established ourselves as one of North America’s most trusted HVLS fan manufacturers. Our team and qualified experts are committed to helping you optimize your industrial facility’s indoor air quality and the overall environment!
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