Refresh Fans: A Comparative Analysis With Other Industrial Fans!

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Talking about heavy-duty industrial fans can seem like running into unknown territory with hard-to-understand product specifications and technical buzzwords. We are here to simplify the matter for you.

Everyone is well aware that installing and applying an industrial fan in extensive commercial facilities is crucial. However, selecting the right fan is often challenging or overwhelming if you are a beginner! The buyer needs to know the product’s specifications and technical aspects to choose the best commercial fan. It is recommended to be aware of product specifications to avoid a poor purchase decision, which might lead to poor product performance and unnecessary energy consumption. This blog aims to offer a comparative insight between our and other industrial fans available in the market!

Refresh Fans EQ VS. Other Industrial Fans!

Let’s begin with specifications for other industrial fans available in the market. We have shortlisted three products and their technical aspects to understand the difference.

  • ACORN Humongous Fan comes with a 20 ft diameter weighing 161 LBS that runs on a 1 HP motor and uses around 7.1 A electricity.
  • Likewise, the Hunter Titan is 24 FT at 204 LBS and has an energy consumption higher than the former, with 8.2 A.
  • Similarly, Big Ass Powerfoil X3.0 comes within the same diameter bandwidth and is equipped with a 2 HP motor that delivers 65 RPM but at the cost of higher product weight and electricity consumption of 6.2 A!

Our product has best-of-all features; how? Allow us to brief you.

Refresh Fans is equipped with HVLS fan technology and built-in energy-efficient models with powerful motors capable of moving a higher air volume! 

Our products feature 5 blades, weighing 282 LBS, with a diameter of 24 ft. While several brands struggle to balance the weight-performance feature, we have successfully equipped our model to fit into this category, be more energy efficient, and make less noise than others.

We strive to make business facilities’ operation and functioning as smooth as possible with our industrial fans. The bottom line is that we have accommodated every desirable feature that a massive facility requires for its smooth operations and functioning. Our products aim to consolidate business and build a business ecosystem where everyone can thrive and grow.

Refresh Fans: What makes our product unique in the market?

In one sentence: our products are equipped with features ideal for creating a high-performing commercial space and building an ecosystem of happier employees who feel safe working in a facility. Whether searching for the best cooling fan for a warehouse or an industrial fan that makes minimum noise, you will find every desirable feature in our products!

In this section, we will discover the unique features of our products.

Five airfoil design 

Our industrial fans come with five blades shaped in an airfoil design that strikes a fine balance between the surface area, speed, and airflow to bring out the best performance. The structure and operations enable maximum motor efficiency, resulting in more product durability.

Consumes less energy

With a 1.6 HP motor, our product consumes around 43% less horsepower than others, making us the most energy-efficient fan manufacturer in the market. This advantage allows business owners to run operations in an energy-saving business model while delivering the best performance.

Delivers optimal performance

Our product has built-in Modbus control options that allow seamless signal transmission within our products. The cutting-edge communication protocol, alongside intelligent design, maximizes airflow while minimizing energy consumption.

Creates less noise

Even with 51 RPM and covering a 234 ft area, our product creates 55 DBA, which is much less than similar variants available in the market! It is one of the reasons behind the increasing popularity of airfoil fans. A quiet ambiance allows the employee force to remain more focused on their jobs than the loud humming blades above them!

Comes with multiple safety features

Our products are facilitated with a series of safety features like hub retainer clips that allows components from excessive moving and migrating out of their original position during operation, airfoil retainers to securely control the airflow, safety cables to secure the fan from falling in an overhead mount application, and machine fused hub connection.

Runs through IP65 Rated Motor 

IP65-rated components can withstand solid objects (indicated by 6) and liquids (indicated by 5). An IP65 motor is guarded against water projections at a distance of 3 meters through a 6.3mm waterjet nozzle for at least 3 minutes and pressure below 30kPa. This means our industrial fans can be used in most environments and cleaned by spraying water.

Miscellaneous features

  • Our products don’t require additional VFD mounting and have entirely integrated controls.
  • They don’t require an auxiliary gearbox or oil bath to maintain.
  • They need lower energy consumption than most industrial fans, making them the ideal ones to use.
  • They have comparatively lower costs and longer shelf life.
  • The manufacturing uses Italian engineering and manufacturing ideal for the North American climate.

Key Takeaway!

Industrial fans are essential for more than one reason; a few of them are: cooling larger commercial buildings or thermal controlling technical assembly in operations. But most importantly, they are required to ensure a healthy airflow system that delivers the health and welfare of its employees!

With Refresh Fans, heavy-duty industrial fans have excellent working and security features that can boost your performance and drive growth. Inside Refresh Industrial Fans, you will find exceptionally durable components and parts that can withstand harsh environments and operate continuously for extended hours to offer constant airflow and pressure. For long-term satisfaction, shop with us now!

And if you have any queries regarding industrial fans, contact us for industry knowledge and updates.