8 Amazing Perks of Buying Industrial Fans by Refresh Fans

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Heavy Duty Industrial Fans are primarily used to deliver and accommodate a large flow of air to every part of the building or other structure. The aim is to regulate and maintain the required temperature in large, high-ceiling indoor spaces in hot and cold conditions. An industrial fan has several rotating fan blades connected to a hub and shaft run by a motor.

That said, no two industrial fans can operate in the same way. For example, some might have greater motor power, others may use less energy, while the rest might simply move less air. Therefore, it is imperative to factor in every product specification to choose the one that meets your application needs.

For anyone planning to invest in an HVLS industrial fan, the purchase decision depends on much more than the product price alone. Some important factors to be considered are:

  • Airflow requirement
  • Safety Features
  • Environmental challenges associated with the application that may effect performance
  • Most importantly, is the application a cost-effective option for your bottom line?

Understanding the product specifications is essential to select products with the right air movement needed for cooling, warming, exhausting, aerating, ventilating, or drying the area or facility in concern.

Refresh fans vs. other brands: The blog highlights critical factors you won’t find in other brands.

8 reasons to buy industrial fans!

They offer simple yet effective air circulation.

Industrial grade fans for industrial, commercial, and agricultural use by Refresh Fans—EQ High Volume Low-Speed Fans, Air Curtains, Directional Fans, Cooling Fans for Warehouses, etc.—are designed to deliver consistent air movement. Correct airflow in large industrial buildings allows facilities’ equipment to work in optimal condition and employees to work in a safe comfortable environment.

Further, it allows organizations to achieve optimal results across industrial, commercial, and agricultural applications.

For instance, our Agriculture Fans deliver adequate air circulation to improve production yields for agricultural products and livestock. Further, our products are gaining importance in the agriculture industry! In a nutshell, Refresh fans keep businesses healthy, save money, and rescue you from high energy consumption.

Optimal performance, higher efficiency, and standardized air flow at a cost-effective price!

Refresh fans have simplicity in functionality embedded in its core design; however, this factor doesn’t stop its products from performing at their best. Another advantage of choosing an EQ HVLS Fan is that it is the best ceiling fan that can be used for industrial applications, as it can help control the indoor temperature of a facility by complementing HVAC systems, minimizing energy costs, and improving working conditions for employees and machinery alike.

The best part is that these packaged features come at a lower price than any contemporary industry equivalent.

It can be installed very easily and in less time.

Refresh Fans can be conveniently installed, effortlessly maintained, and deliver best in class efficiency when compared to an industry equivalent that costs more. They are designed to offer simplicity, in functionality, without compromising performance. The simple structure allows businesses to install our fans with ease.

Not just this, our products help businesses save energy and cut costs while contributing positively to the environment.

It offers a long-lasting product assurity 

EQ HVLS Fans are manufactured with a painted iron frame that is meticulously welded to create a structure that is robust and safe.  We safeguard the motor and five specially designed airfoils with an anodized surface. In addition, the product has safety features like the primary security wire, additional stabilizing rods, and a hub safety ring. Safety is serious business for Refresh Fans!

It is a more powerful industrial fan in comparison to the rest!

Slow-rotating fans are often considered ineffective or less powerful. However, this fact is far from reality! Further, smaller ceiling fans equipped with robust motors usually involve large energy consumption or might incur a higher operating cost. Inversely, HVLS fans have efficient models that can yield powerful results owing to their slowly rotating airfoils designed to move a massive volume of air. 

It offers environmental sustainability.

It is a popularly known fact that HVLS ceiling fans can lower energy usage on a large scale. This factor allows businesses to make their building more sustainable and environmentally friendly. In addition, our products complement well with HVAC systems to facilitate energy saving, and they can also facilitate reducing CO2 emissions.

Further, we provide a proprietary calculator to determine how large-diameter HVLS fans can benefit your business, thus making ours the best heat-saving fan among our competitors! Calculate your ROI here.

It allows businesses to increase facility spaces.

It is very difficult for industrial facilities, with high ceilings and gigantic spaces, to regulate indoor conditions suitable for both man and machinery. Refresh fans HVLS ceiling fans are designed and implemented to address this issue. Further, our products ensure it doesn’t burden the existing HVAC systems or drive them to the edge of maximum capacity.

It helps businesses to improve their work productivity.

Business productivity suffers in uncomforting conditions; however, the philosophy is beginning to spread from industrial fan manufacturers to facilities. The best part is that the phenomenon applies to cold and hot environments. Therefore, controlling the facility’s temperature and humidity levels is crucial to maintain productivity. This goal can be achieved with an HVLS industrial ceiling fan, which allows you to maintain an ideal environment seamlessly.

Final Thoughts!

We hope this blog helps you understand what sets our products different from available industrial fans in the market. Each of our products is built with a simplistic approach to making operations smoother for businesses in terms of performance, productivity, and meeting sustainable goals. This has made our line the best in business!

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