Your Manufacturing Plant Needs an HVLS Fan: Find Out Why!

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The air quality you breathe needs to be regulated, regardless of the setting. In large facilities, workplace conditions need to be regular maintenance for the healthcare of employees. There is more damage control using high-energy ACs and swamp coolers to the environment. 

The power that is used in buildings is maximized to provide cool air to employees working. However, this may actually take a toll on your facilities’ costs and be harmful to the environment. Energy-efficient large-scale air circulation can be achieved with the help of HVLS fans. They regulate air levels in facilities like industries and manufacturing plants, instead of closing doors when extremely hot temperatures strike. 

In terms of performance, nothing works as efficiently as HVLS fans, their consistent airflow throughout the year is a great benefit to companies looking to operate smoothly. 

Why Your Manufacturing Plant Facilities may require HVLS Fans for  Cost-Effective Cooling Solutions! 

Indoor Air Quality

It’s important to take a closer look at the matter of fact that clean air quality is linked to proper air circulation which is managed by HVLS fans. These fans are able to protect against limited airflow illnesses such as labored breathing. They boost comfort levels for workers as indoor air quality is controlled. 

Employee Satisfaction

According to a study conducted in 2014 by the Indian Statistical Institute called The Impact of Temperature on Productivity and Labor Supply: Evidence from Indian Manufacturing advised, “sustained heat may reduce worker attendance.” There are challenges working in the heat of the summer but with TWO HVLS fans, the consistent breeze can provide more comfort. Uninterrupted, all-year-long cool air quality leads to an increase in productivity. 

Environment Safety

After the installation of HVLS fans, workplace hazards are significantly reduced. This is due to the cordless design which prevents workers from trip hazards. Many of the dangers of manufacturing plants come from the hazards of the working conditions. Cords are seen as the top issue, however, when the motivation to complete work is improved, optimal healthy work environment conditions are built. Swamp coolers and AC require regular maintenance check-ups which can lead to headaches piled up with other tasks. 

How are HVLS fans set apart from Conventional Coolers? 

By installing an HVLS fan in your manufacturing plant facility, you’re one step closer to clean airflow ventilation. HVAC systems are not capable of circulating the air efficiently throughout buildings. As many manufacturing plant facilities contain chemicals that can be harmful to the human body, the clean air quality is circulated while pushing fumes and substances to exhaust through the vents. 

Key Differences between HVLS Fans and Coolers:

  • HVLS Fans Operations: Require minimized energy, cost savings of $1 a day, shut down automatically when sprinklers are turned on, and do not disturb workplace settings with silent speed modes.
  • Conventional options: Maintenance issues, having to deal with direct drive motors, which eliminate the risks of oil leaks from traditional gearbox motors.

It is extremely important to look beyond the appearances and understand the range of efficiency when choosing to upgrade your facility. Opting for an HVLS fans solution is a great way to lower costs and target large areas. For instance, ten to twelve regular fans are equivalent to one HVLS fan, this, in turn, is a great return on investment as it makes a huge difference in operating costs and reduces energy consumption. Even during the winter months, HVLS fans’ performances are greatly valued as it evenly spreads warm air trapped in the ceiling across approximately 20,000 square feet down to the floor. It regulates HVAC systems to work effectively, in comparison to running on its own where recycled cool air stands at a still. Maintaining air ventilation using HVLS fans can help save up to  30% on heating and cooling costs. 

How Refresh Fans Can Help Your Manufacturing Plant

Unlike conventional cooling options, high-volume low-speed (HVLS) fans are an innovative yet affordable option, as they reduce the need for intensive ducting installation. They are a great solution as they provide a constant even temperature from every inch, floor to ceiling, and wall to wall. 

Unsure which HVLS fan size is right for your facility? Contact us today at Refresh Fans: 1-866-450-3498. Refresh Fans is a leading distributor for HVLS fans to manufacturing plants across Canada and the USA. We would be more than happy to help set you up with the best long-term heating and cooling solutions for your manufacturing plant facility.