Improving Air Quality with HVLS Fans

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Plants, distribution centers, industrial facilities and large manufacturing units tend to make use of high volume, low speed (HVLS) fans. These fans are specially designed with longer blades compared to regular fans. Their diameter can range from 5 to 24 feet allowing them to move large volumes of air. This is done with minimal energy consumption making them highly efficient and cost effective. 

The long blades coupled with low speed help spread the air providing complete air circulation throughout buildings with high ceilings. They provide a bi-directional airflow which keeps the people inside the building comfortable. They tend to produce air columns that are pushed downwards and outside the diameter of the fan are moved outward throughout the working area. This movement of air feels like a light breeze keeping occupants feeling extremely refreshed.

HVLS Fans Used for Improved Air Quality:

There are many advantages that HVLS fans in industrial spaces bring and the biggest being the improved air quality it provides. Read on to know how HVLS fans help with healthier air:

Improved Moisture Control

Workplaces are brimming with microbial elements given the congested spaces. The air quality can be affected by microbial contamination. This can lead to allergic reactions in workers, infections as well as bringing home unwanted viruses. These are linked to the high humidity present in plants and industries and can be further exacerbated by water spills, damage and high humidity in closed spaces.

Managing this moisture becomes key in order to prevent workplace contamination. This is where HVLS fans come into play as they can help move air consistently at a much higher velocity as compared to normal fans. This not only improves air circulation but also helps the floors to dry faster and lowering the overall humidity levels. Through better air circulation, the moisture can dissipate much more quickly. 

Reduction in Sweating Slab Syndrome

As mentioned above, a lot of industries and warehouses use exhausts and HVACs to keep the interiors cool. However, when doors, windows etc are opened they can allow warmer air to come in causing an effect called “the sweating slab syndrome”. The warm air will come in contact with the cooler concrete and form moisture due to condensation. HVLS fans help dry up the floors faster with even air circulation.

 As spills dry up faster, employees are saved from the risk of slipping. Apart from that, the fans help maintain a good environment and maintain a cool, temperate climate which reduces heat-related health concerns such as dehydration and fainting. Reach out to Refresh Fans to make your workplace healthier with the installation of state of the art HVLS fans that promote good air quality and overall good health.

Efficient Ventilation

Adequate ventilation is a factor all industries and commercial plants need to keep in mind in order to maintain healthy air quality. Air ventilation helps get rid of stale air which remains stagnant if not circulated well throughout the building space. Having inadequate ventilation reduces the air quality and if not checked could compromise the health of workers. 

In most industrial areas, air is not circulated well which doesn’t allow for fresh air to reach the occupant level. In naturally ventilated areas, fresh air is only distributed passively and localised air can have stagnant air pockets which can result in low air quality overall. HVLS fans can disperse these air pockets and increase the circulation of fresh air.  HVLS fans help improve air circulation throughout the facility with their high speeds. This disperses air in two directions – downwards and outwards. Through this action, there is even distribution of good quality air throughout the facility. 

Destratification of Air

Adequate heating can be quite a challenge especially in industries with high ceilings. Hot air tends to rise and causes the air to stratify. This traps the hot air at the ceiling level and doesn’t allow it to reach the ground level where employees work.

HVLS fans help with destratification of air which helps circulate the hot air trapped on top to the occupant level helping maintain a more even temperature throughout the facility. Refresh fans has special EQ fans built for this exact purpose. It helps reduce electricity and heating bills during winters. Apart from cost efficiency, this also keeps the air clean as the temperature is evened out. Air at a higher temperature can be a potential breeding ground for a variety of microorganisms and bacteria. Higher temperatures coupled with high humidity is the worst combination for an industrial space. HVLS fans help keep the air healthy to breath and at a temperature that does not allow for organisms to grow easily.

Contact Refresh Fans to help find the right HVLS fans and air quality appliances to help improve the air quality in industrial and commercial spaces along with warehouses and agricultural plants. 

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