A Complete Guide on High Volume Low Speed Fans

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High Volume Low-Speed Fans

The impact of global warming is evidenced by the gradual but undeniable rise in temperature throughout the world. Especially during summers, working optimally and efficiently in indoor environs can be difficult due to the soaring temperatures. But, thoroughly equipping a large-scale commercial or industrial establishment with air-conditioners can cost a fortune as well as hike up your power bills. Fortunately, over the past few decades, the advent of High Volume Low-Speed fans or HVLS fans has made affordable and efficient cooling systems for large-scale industries a tangible reality. Refresh Fans is bringing improved comfort and efficiency to different industries across Canada and the US.

Understanding HVLS fans: What They Are & How They Function?

The term ‘High-volume, Low-speed’ fans or HVLS fans refers to a type of ceiling fans that were initially invented to facilitate optimal air circulation in large industrial and manufacturing areas, but can now be found in commercial establishments too. One can easily distinguish an HVLS fan from other types of ceiling fans by taking its dimensions into account as no HVLS fan possesses a diameter of fewer than 210 cms.

In fact, it is due to the sheer size of its fan blades that HVLS fans are capable of moving substantial volumes of air with each rotation. The column of air engendered due to the functioning of the HVLS fan initially moves in a downward direction, before branching out laterally and dispersing throughout an area until it hits a boundary or a wall. Upon encountering such an obstruction, the air column begins to move vertically and subsequently gets recycled by the fan.

This cyclical movement of air allows HVLS fans to gradually remove traces of moisture from the indoor air; thereby effectively converting warm and humid air currents into cooler, drier air streams.  An HVLS fan functions completely differently from conventional low-volume, high-speed ceiling fans as the latter employ their considerable fan speed to quickly push out air currents in brief bursts. Although these air currents diffuse at a faster pace than the air currents produced by an HVLS fan, they dissipate quickly, making them appropriate for only smaller spaces. 

Thus, if you are seeking to provide the employees of your factory, manufacturing unit, or industrial establishment with a better indoor environment, then industrial HVLS fans are a wiser choice than small-scale ceiling fans. In indoor environments, HVLS fans can bring down the effective temperature, which is also known as perceived temperature, by 10°F! 

How HVLS fans can be significant in winters too

However, in addition to being a great asset in summer, HVLS fans can also play an integral role in maintaining and regulating indoor air temperatures during Canada’s unforgiving winter season! HVLS fans function conversely in winter, by freeing up the warmer air streams which are sandwiched between the roof and the ceiling fans’ blades, and pushing them down towards the floor. These warmer airstreams displace the incumbent colder, denser air settled near the floor space of your establishment and thereby creating a comfortable indoor atmosphere.

Why HVLS Fans are Growing in Popularity?

One of the most alluring aspects of installing standard or industrial HVLS fans at your agricultural, industrial, or commercial establishment is the prospect of short and long-term savings. Generally, HVLS fans are equipped with powerful motors ranging from 0.75-2 HP (depending upon the variant); which judiciously consume power and thereby help you reduce your expenditure in the long run. Another factor that gives industrial HVLS fans an edge over other types of ceiling fans is their sheer size, which in essence means that one HVLS fan can replace several small ceiling fans. thereby saving you a considerable amount of capital in the short term.

Why Investing in HVLS Fans from Refresh Fans Makes Sense!

Nowadays, more and more urban commercial establishments are employing HVLS fans to bolster their existing HVAC system in an attempt to ameliorate indoor air quality. Additionally, HVLS fans can also indirectly contribute towards raising your employees’ concentration levels, as unlike small ceiling or table fans which produce considerable noise whilst in operation, top-quality HVLS fans bought from a reputed and reliable brand like Refresh Fans, perform fairly silently.

Here at Refresh Fans, we strive to provide our customers with best-in-class HVLS fans for their industrial or commercial establishments. Our dedicated team of specialists is committed to providing our customers with effective solutions and offering them unparalleled convenience and comfort at their workplace. Contact us at 1-866-450-3498 to know more about our products and services that are best suited for your needs.