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Applications Of Industrial Fans In the Agriculture Sector

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Agricultural warehousing is a storage unit for farm products such as food grains, cereals, oilseeds, sugar, vegetables, and more. A typical agriculture warehouse is equipped with systems and machines that function together to produce desired goods and results. When we talk about machinery, we mean different types of agricultural outdoor fans and indoor fans, like conveyor belts, funnels, blowers, sprayers, and industrial fans.

When we talk about industrial fans for agriculture, they are used to maintain the optimal air quality required inside the warehouse. It is essential to sustain high-quality air for the survival, health, and growth of what is usually found in the warehouse, i.e., crops, breeding animals, and even workers and farmers. High-quality air refers to a cool, clean, and well-circulated ambiance that delivers a well-ventilated, non-suffocating, non-toxic, and odour-free facility for everyone inside the warehouse.

An agricultural outdoor fan like the exhaust fan plays a significant role in making a facility with healthy air quality. It is done by sucking in the dirty, stagnant, and odorous air inside the facility and blowing it outdoors. This is followed up by bringing cleaner, fresher, and cooler air inside the space. Further, fans are used to limit moisture and humidity in the air and on the surfaces, preventing mould, mildew, and fungus from growing inside the facility.

What are the Different Kinds of Fans Applied in the Agricultural Industry?

Several industrial fans are installed inside an agricultural facility or warehouse, depending on the exact purpose manufacturers need during the manufacturing process. For your reference, we are listing commonly found fans used widely in the agricultural industry.

  1. Wall-mounted fan: These are installed in a room with excessive moisture to exhaust humidity present in the air, along with undesired fumes, gases, toxic chemicals, foul odours floating in the air, and more.
  2. Ceiling fans – Ceiling fans move a huge volume of air in one rotation and prevent the room from growing stagnant, musty, and stale. Further, during summer, these are used to move the hot area around the room, preventing the building up in one area that can cause heat stroke in animals and humans.
  3. Air circulation fans – It is used to maintain proper ventilation of any facility. They are used to cut down the stenches, moisture, and dirt from accumulating within the air, thus offering a cooling environment. Besides, these fans are used in drying processes of the agricultural industry with strong and consistent air to remove moisture content.

Use of Industrial Fans in the Agricultural Sector

As mentioned above, industrial fans create airflow in livestock barns, dairy farms, and greenhouses. Here are the five popular applications of industrial fans in the agricultural industry.

In Greenhouse

Industrial fans facilitate the blooming of flowers and plants in the greenhouse by altering the temperature and moisture suitable for their growth. Further, industrial blowers are used to create an optimal climate for various other crop cultivation. To equate the temperature, the fans move high volumes of air with low pressure. The industrial fans are designed to reduce condensation in the greenhouse during summers and allow the crop to stay warm through heat exchangers during winters.

In Breeding Livestock

Everyone knows the importance of fresh air in cattle breeding stalls and livestock units. In such cases, exhaust fans are suitable to eliminate unwanted odours and smells. Exhaust industrial fans can effectively improve cattle life, increase dairy production, and eliminate any threat of diseases.

In Food Production

Another application of industrial fans in agriculture is food production for animals. For example, industrial fans can be used for milling, blending, and pelletizing animal fodder. The resulting milled feed is passed through pneumatic belts to rail buses and, from there, is exchanged for further deliveries. Further, they are used in indurating fruits, vegetables, and meat products during packaging.

In Agriculture Dust Collection

Industrial fans can generate air movements that are further used in dust collection. For example, in agriculture facilities, they are used to ward off dust particles that can potentially harm the ongoing agricultural facilities and living beings. 

In Drying

Industrial fans are used in grain drying. To achieve this goal, industrial blowers are combined with heaters that can potentially remove humidity from agricultural products. For instance, if the grains are stored in big containers, the layer present in the bottom is generally cured with excessive air with low pressure. The dried grain is eventually dried, stored, and transported.

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No matter which industrial fan you wish to install in your facility, it is imperative to get it in high-quality material and should meet high-performance standards! The industrial fans should be built to withstand drastic temperatures, caustic pollutants, and extended working hours! Further, they should be insulated with protective materials with long shelf-life and are easy to assemble, clean, and maintain. The idea is to maintain a suitable work environment that is safe and healthy for people, plants, and farm animals! You can contact us for more information if you need industrial agriculture fans.