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Industrial Fans-are they better than commercial grade?

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For most of us average joes, when on the hunt for a new appliance such as a ceiling fan, price and convenience lead the way when deciding which one to choose. However simple as it may seem, deciding which fan to put into your business can have critical implications depending on your individual needs. Evaluating the differences between commercial and industrial-grade fan construction in light of your application needs will help you determine whether or not you can justify an industrial-grade fan purchase. Before comparing the two options, it is important to have the specifics of your application in mind, a few of which may include the following:

  • The environment in which the fan will be used
  • CFM and static pressure requirements
  • Electrical needs
  • Noise level concerns
  • Equipment budget

That’s why it is vital to have the knowledge needed to educate your purchase and contact the right industrial fans supplier, such as Refresh Fans, to deliver the best product and help you work through the whole installation process. 

Built to Last 

For starters, industrial fans are held to a much higher standard in terms of durability and function. They are built with heavier-duty materials and components to operate longer, supply greater air flow and pressure, and meet more stringent environmental and ambient requirements. Commercial-grade fans may work similarly in the short term but aren’t designed to last as long as one provided by an industrial-grade fan supplier such as Refresh Fans. For example, general-purpose fans are normally constructed with light gauge sheet metal and plastic. In contrast, industrial grade fans require 10 gauge to plate material, including cast aluminum and stainless steel construction. 


Industrial fans usually will be larger but not always. A large general-purpose fan may be bigger than a very small industrial fan, which is why you always want to check the specs before making a purchase. That said, industrial fans tend to have more on the size side, with 200 to over 100,000 CFM of output. In comparison, general-purpose fans top out at about 2000 CFM. The industrial fan will generate higher air pressure, as well. You need to consider both size and quality when choosing an industrial fan supplier, so you’ll get one that performs as expected without requiring excessive maintenance. Check out this page to learn more about ReFresh Fan’s industrial fans’ specs and features.


Because of the differences in output, It can take up to 34 small, traditional fans to do the job of one large industrial fan. The larger column of air produced does a more efficient job of moving around obstacles and clearing the air in the entire atmosphere. And because of this greater output from a single unit as opposed to multiple smaller ones, you’ll have less energy costs and less maintenance required. Another often overlooked factor is that smaller, high-speed fans tend to be annoyingly noisy. A large HVLS fan is quiet as a mouse when it’s going. It also moves air effectively at slower rates so you won’t get distracting breezes. The result is higher workplace comfort and improved productivity.

Industrial facilities such as warehouses and airplane hangars require massive air displacement to facilitate the flow throughout the enormous indoor space. Most of these places have huge HVAC systems that can cost companies an arm and a leg in order to maintain and operate. With such high costs to running a business, its imperative to make every penny count. That’s why purchasing a high-volume, low-speed (HVLS) fan from a trusted Industrial fans supplier such as Refresh Fans can make a world of difference in the long run because they help regulate indoor temperatures by supplementing HVAC systems, reduce energy costs, improve working conditions for staff and can even extend the lifetime of machinery and equipment. 

Don’t leave the fate of your company up to chance. Considering all the factors contributing to the wear and tear of your workplace, such as airflow and ventilation, spending the extra bit of money on a high-quality industrial fan can be the missing link to taking your worksite to the next level of productivity. Contact us for more information.