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Effective HVLS Design Solutions to Improve Thermal Comfort in Warehouses

By June 22, 2022 March 15th, 2024 No Comments
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Most modern businesses require safe, secure, and optimally run warehouses to ensure that their products and services are dispatched seamlessly to their customers. Whether your business operates in manufacturing, wholesaling, importing, or exporting, the chances are that you have invested a considerable amount of capital in leasing or purchasing a warehouse facility, which in turn, stores the bulk of your inventory. 

Moreover, if your business is located in the US or Canada, you risk unexpected and extreme weather changes disrupting your supply chain and damaging your inventory. The absence of optimal air conditioning and ventilation can result in mold or mildew attacking your goods and adversely impact your employees’ output as workplace productivity suffers in extreme temperatures. Maintaining a comfortable and conducive environment within your warehouse facility ensures that your employees maintain high levels of efficiency and that your inventory remains undamaged.

Thus, investing in effective and affordable ventilation systems, such as warehouse fans, is in the best interests of your business as these fans can maintain ideal conditions by complementing your warehousing facility’s existing HVAC infrastructure. In essence, HVLS fans are high-volume, low-speed fans that employ their large fan blades (up to 24 feet in diameter!) to steadily move large columns of air throughout any commercial or residential space. In addition, they ‘destratify ’ or prevent the formation of layers of air based on their relative temperatures by effectively mixing various air streams and ensuring that a comfortable and consistent internal temperature is established throughout your warehouse facility.

Here’s how HVLS fans can help you improve the overall comfort level within your warehouse facility:

  • Minimizes ‘syndromes’ and maximizes comfort: Improper heating or ventilation systems can result in your manufacturing units or warehouses developing debilitating ‘syndromes,’ such as the Sweating Slab Syndrome or SSS. In SSS, moisture gets accumulated on concrete surfaces. Since many warehouses have concrete floors, this moisture can become a significant workplace hazard that can endanger your employees’ safety and damage your machinery.

The Sick Building Syndrome or SBS is another occurrence wherein the occupants of a building suffer from varying symptoms ranging from general discomfort to chronic illnesses due to several non-specific reasons, not all of which can be attributed to unoptimized air conditioning and ventilation systems. However, it is essential to note that stale and stagnant air is a common theme in most diagnosed establishments with SBS. 

Fortunately, a proactive and straightforward step of installing HVLS fans in your warehouses can help you avoid both SBS and SSS. HVLS fans will keep replacing old or stagnant air with newer air and destratify air layers while preventing excessive moisture buildup and accumulation on your warehouse floor.

  • Improves indoor air quality: HVLS fans perform in conjunction with your warehouse facility’s existing HVAC system to minimize your employees’ exposure to harmful and toxic gasses and fumes by constantly and consistently replacing your warehouse’s internal air. HVLS fans can also help you drastically reduce indoor pollutants trapped within your warehouse by driving them out with a consistent and uninterrupted flow of good-quality air.
  • Establishes conducive internal temperature: Research indicates that if the internal temperature of a facility continues to rise beyond 80°F, then for every 1 degree rise in temperature, employees’ productivity gets reduced by 4%! Moreover, temperatures above 100°F are considered unsafe, making it imperative for employers to install effective cooling and ventilation systems. Fortunately, HVLS fans excel at introducing cooling, gentle breezes into the internal environment of any facility and can bring down the effective temperature of a space by 10-15°F!
  • Silent in performance, big on performance: One HVLS fan can cover as much as 22000 sq. ft. of the area and can easily replace up to twenty conventional fans. But despite the large scale and scope of their operation, HVLS fans perform extremely silently (approximately <55 dB), a stark contrast to traditional fans. In addition, the draft produced by conventional fans can disrupt the decorum you have established within your office or warehousing facility and thereby affect the efficiency of your employees.

HVLS fans also offer many other advantages, such as high energy efficiency levels and lower capital expenditure on power bills. Moreover, the installation, operation, and maintenance costs of HVLS fans are also significantly lower than conventional fans.

Installing HVLS fans for warehouses is a task best left to experienced and reliable professionals. Factors such as the interior design of a warehousing facility must be considered before strategically choosing the ideal spots within a facility to install HVLS fans in.

Here at Refresh Fans, an established manufacturer and supplier of HVLS fans in the US and Canada, we are eager and committed to helping you optimize the air conditioning, cooling, and ventilation systems within your warehouse. Our experts work with you to ensure that a pleasant and productive environment is established within your warehousing facility.

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