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Reasons why HVLS Fans are Perfect for Crowded Spaces!

By May 13, 2022 January 24th, 2024 No Comments
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Whether at an outdoor concert or an indoor event, we have all had at least one experience wherein improper air conditioning and ventilation systems have turned the entire experience into an unpleasant memory. Often, lack of optimal air conditioning and ventilation results in excessive perspiration amongst crowd members, becoming more anxious, uncomfortable, and irritable. In certain extreme cases, crowd members may also experience ‘heat stress,’ making them nauseous and dizzy.

Generally, conventional fans perform well in smaller, indoor spaces capable of hosting a limited number of people. Still, they struggle to replicate those results when deployed in large and crowded spaces. Fortunately, industrial and commercial HVLS fans have emerged as an excellent solution and are gaining prominence due to their capability to cover large areas and higher energy efficiency, reducing your expenditure on power bills.

Conventional fans rapidly pump in air through their fast-moving fan blades and lower the perceived temperature of a particular spot almost instantly. However, due to its smaller fan blades, the scope of influence of a conventional fan is fairly limited, which results in hot and cold spots being formed throughout an indoor or outdoor facility. 

On the other hand, HVLS fans employ their large fan blades (> 7 ft) to push through large volumes of air at a low speed and ensure that air is evenly distributed throughout an area, thereby creating a consistent temperature throughout your facility, which is highly essential in crowded spaces to ensure that people remain evenly distributed.

Here we have shortlisted a few reasons why HVLS fans are ideal for crowded places:

  • Capability to de-stratify: As established earlier, conventional fans with their limited range can only exert their influence in a particular area, which usually results in uneven temperature zones throughout a room. Moreover, air streams tend to stratify themselves into separate layers based on their relative temperatures, which results in irregular temperature bands being formed vertically. HVLS fans are adept at ‘destratifying’ any space, which in essence means that these fans prevent layers of air from becoming stratified by consistently introducing newer columns of air and mixing them with the existing air streams to maintain a consistent and uniform temperature throughout a space.
  • Decreases the load on the HVAC system: A lot of heat energy is released as a direct by-product of human respiration, and logic dictates that a crowd of people will exhale a lot of air over a span of time, while inadvertently also raising the internal temperature of a closed space. This increases the load on your existing HVAC system, which has to work harder to regulate the temperature. Fortunately, HVLS fans can effectively reduce the temperature within a space by up to 10-15°F, which means that your HVAC system can afford to function at a lower intensity without causing any inconvenience to your audience or guests.
  • Energy Efficiency!: The lower rotational speed of HVLS fans’ blades coupled with the large size of their fan blades allow these fans to swiftly move large columns of air while consuming energy judiciously. According to estimates, commercial HVLS fans can lower energy consumption by 30-70%, depending upon how the fans are deployed and the speed at which they are operated.
  • Short-term and long-term savings: Equipping your commercial and industrial space with HVLS fans is financially prudent. One HVLS fan can easily replace several conventional fans, ensuring a lower lifetime cost of ownership. Moreover, apart from their exceptional energy efficiency, HVLS fans are also designed for heavy-duty usage and generally incur lower maintenance costs in the long run. 

Hence installing commercial HVLS fans makes perfect sense for various business owners, such as the owners of athletic facilities, marriage banquet and reception halls, convention centers, and outdoor auditoriums, as these businesses generally host a high number of people, and the cost of equipping the entire facility with powerful air conditioners can be prohibitively expensive. 

However, it is essential to receive expert guidance from trusted professionals concerning the planning and installation of HVLS fans, as experienced technicians should only install these commercial-grade fans for optimal results. 

Refresh Fans is an established and reputed manufacturer of industrial, and commercial HVLS fans. We possess a team of experienced individuals and skilled specialists who are committed to understanding your needs and expectations and offering you transparent, honest, and customized advice.

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