Increase Productivity and Morale with Refresh Fans

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If you’re looking for simplicity and design in one product you’ve come to the right page. At Refresh Fans our fans deliver the same efficiency to industry equivalent products which can cost twice the price. Combined with HVAC systems or alone, our high volume low speed fans control energy costs and reduce condensation. Utilizing one or more of our products you’re able to tackle multiple workplace concerns such as productivity and safety tips for employees. Boosting morale has never been easier when one person finds the energy to encourage the next to step it up!

Take a look at 6 benefits from our climate control, long-lasting warrior, the HVLS fans. Improving your day-to-day industrial space working conditions.

Air Movement = Productive Work Environment

Studies indicate an average 2% reduction in work performance per 1.8 F temperature rise when the temperature is above 77 F. While this may not seem as a top priority concern, over time this drop in employee productivity can lead to a loss in profit for any organization.

Therefore, HVLS fans have the power to circulate air flow throughout spaces, even which are constricted by machines and stacked products. Like most warehouses, temperatures indoors are not facilitated on a set basis. Entry doors are open at select times, leaving fresh air that comes in, almost limited. 

Summer & Winter Temperatures Escalation

During the summer months when heat rises well and beyond the skin temperature, that’s when these fans provide ultimate cooling. Even though the fans do not reduce the temperature of a space, perceived cooling effects can improve working conditions. Employees can feel up to 10 degree fahrenheit cooler in non-air conditioned areas.

The airfoils in the fan push large volumes of heated air for better circulation and higher temperatures all winter long. In the winter, air from the heater rises approx. 5 to 7 percent which rises to the ceiling. A slow moving HVLS fan can circulate air without making things too chilly. 

Reduce Energy Consumption

Energy efficient buildings combined with HVLS fans can get the most value out of our products. This is because building managers are able to compromise on thermostat setpoints with the use of industrial fans. Even more so, the HVLS fans reduce the usage of heating systems to continue the savings year round!

This is also equivalent in the wintertime. Facility owners can save up to 30 percent on heating costs by using fans. It’s no surprise how big warehouse spaces can get size wise, generating high heating bills. The best solution is to invest in HVLS fans, which are greatly more energy efficient than simple overhead or pedestal fans. Take advantage of energy-saving rebates for your facilities by making the upgrade. 

Risk of Condensation

Water droplets on your skin outside on a hot summer day may feel like a relief but when it takes place inside of a warehouse facility it can lead to chaos. It creates a hazardous environment for a workplace, as employees walk around and work with heavy mechanical equipment. These risks can temporarily suspend workplaces from continuing with their operations. 

How can companies avoid such uncontrollable risks to implement safer working conditions?

Instead of investing in small fans which blow air endlessly in one direction switching to the HVLS helps companies to save in the long run. These fans run efficiently as designed for their purpose to circulate air flow and minimize pallets under their wide wings

Increased Air Quality Control

The energy usage is dependent on the size and number of fans, horsepower of the motors, hours of operation per week. The regular hours fans are used during the summer months are 12- to 24-ft. HVLS fans. On average, 7.1 to 11.6 kWh of energy on a daily basis, which is far less than an air conditioning system, rapidly increases fresh air in warehouse facilities. It does however eliminate the condensation in areas which are unreliable. Apart from the chilling air they provide to workers, industrial sized fans replenish the air quality, which improves the inside conditions to increase employee work efficiency and comfort. 

Happier Workers

The industrial sector of our economy runs on productivity. Businesses must consider the endless number of hours employees put into working at your facilities. Therefore a hot, humid environment can take a toll on the productivity train you’ve built from the start. 

At Refresh Fans we can assure you the HVLS fans will play a large role in improving your industrial and commercial building spaces air quality. This in turn will also increase the productivity of your employees as they feel secure working for longer periods!

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