How HVLS Fans Operate in Distribution Facilities

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Distribution centers and warehouses require the right temperature maintenance to promote efficiency and good air quality. If air is moved strategically, these problems can be overcome. High Volume Low-Speed Fans (HVLS Fans) are designed to tackle these very problems, especially in distribution centers and facilities. 

Distribution centers and logistic facilities usually cover a vast area and are covered in machinery, fixtures, and people all of which give off heat making the floor extremely humid and stuffy. This can lead to uncomfortable working conditions along with a drop in air quality. If you are looking to turning to HVLS fans to mitigate these concerns, you should understand how HVLS fans benefit distribution centers. 

Common Problems in Distribution Centers

  • Trapped Air and Heat Pockets due to air not being circulated properly.
  • Sweating Slab Syndrome occurs when moisture or condensation accumulates on the slabs and floor. This can cause dangerous, slippery floors for employees. 
  • Sick Building Syndrome is common in distribution centers when there is a lack of air circulation and the air quality is poor. HVLS fans can help dissipate airborne contaminants and pollutants making the air cleaner.
  • Birds also tend to find their way into warehouses and distribution centers. Having large operational fans will discourage their presence. 

Read on To Know How HVLS Fans Function in a Distribution Center

Raising the Floor Temperature

In most warehouses and distribution centers, there will be a vast difference between the temperature at the ceiling level and at the floor level. This temperature difference results in high energy bills. The installation of an HVLS fan can greatly help in such a situation. By installing HVLS fans, the floor temperature rises by a considerable amount increasing the comfort level for the workers. It also boosts energy savings by increasing efficiency. 

Temperature and Heat Sensor 

Large facilities where there are no HVAC systems also suffer from the temperature difference. Due to the ceilings being exposed to the sun, the air at the top warms up faster compared to the air at the bottom. HVLS systems can have temperature sensors that allow them to sense the change. They can run automatically to de-stratify the air and can reduce the temperatures by almost 10°F.

No Retrofit Needed

The best part about HVLS fans is that they do not require any retrofits or ductwork and can be installed with the current facility configurations. They can be installed in conjunction with the HVAC systems in place. They produce less turbulence, noise, and annoyance and can provide cooling solutions to over tons of cubic space of warehouse space. They are less cumbersome than existing HVAC systems and provide a good standalone solution. 

Energy Savings

HVLS fans provide effective cooling solutions along with energy efficiency and cost savings. The HVLS fans help stabilize temperatures without having to pay huge bills. They can cover large areas and hence require a lower number of fans installed in the facility. Four fans can cover the same area as five to six fans thereby reducing costs further.  Get in touch with Refresh Fans to know more about how you can save the energy of your distribution facility through HVLS fans. 

Balanced Temperature

Logistics and distribution facilities require a floor that enables speedy work and high efficiency. However, such activities increase the heat in the warehouse and make the working environment very uncomfortable. When the docks and bay doors are open, it further increases the heat in the facility. Through the use of HVLS fans, the ceiling air can be de-stratified and clear up heat pockets that form in large warehouse spaces. 

Evaporative Conditions

Most facilities rely on windows and exhaust fans to stabilize the difference in temperature in the facilities. However, distribution centers can tend to get very humid. HVLS fans help decrease the humidity by increasing evaporation. HVAC systems alone are unable to provide the same efficiency. They can only try to drain the air of humidity but HVLS fans create a cool, evaporative environment. 

The air circulated by HVLS fans is thrown at an angle and can easily maneuver between materials or obstructions on the floor. If three or more fans are aligned in an array, they create a refreshing river of air, cooling the entire facility through a breezy and effective airflow. 

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